About Us

Aryan Lojistik is one of the divisions of the young, successful, fast-growing Aryan Company Group. The shareholding structure includes the civil engineering firm and the garment factories except the shipping company.

Created through the Russian-Turkish capital, the company specializes in the delivery of cargo from Turkey to Russia. Private fleet vehicles of truck with the Russian registration will ensure punctual and safe transportation of your goods. Warehouses in Istanbul and Moscow help us in the implementation of the consolidation of small stores. Regular weekly shipping of the combined vehicles guarantee our customers on-time delivery of any lot size from 100kg.

To get started just fill in an application on our website. Our experts will do other thing – we will calculate cost of delivery and, if necessary, customs clearing fees; will contact your shipper in Turkey, take the goods at the warehouse; will verify adequacy in specifications stated, packaging rigidity; labeling, will provide all the necessary transportation documents; if the enabling documentation is required, we will take it out and deliver the goods to your warehouse in Russia.

Look forward to cooperation with you!